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Want to learn how to fix computers? You’ve come to the right place! You’ll find everything from simple computer repair articles and PC repair videos, to a some of the best and most highly-acclaimed online computer repair courses on the web.

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We’re a team of former computer repair technicians, website designers, and entrepreneurs who love to help you learn.

It is our passion to empower you with the knowledge you need to fix computers all by yourself. Our goal is to enable you to be your own IT (IT technician). Save money and time by repairing computers yourself.

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Computer Repair Mastery Course
Computer Repair Mastery Course

There are a lot of reasons why you would need to learn computer repair. Some people want to learn how to fix their own PC to avoid having to take it in to the repair shop, other people want to learn how to make money fixing computers, and our computer repair lessons will give you the skills you need for that as well.

There are people who just want to learn about their computer to understand it; to be able to fix things here and there, and understand what is going on. Learning computer repair is great for almost anyone at any skill level, and our PC repair course is the best on the web. Take control with our Computer Repair Course!

Laptop Repair Course
Laptop Repair Course

A lot of people are converting over to laptops now that they have gotten a lot more powerful and a lot more affordable. More people using laptops of course leads to more laptops needing repair. Things like replacing hard drives, increasing laptop memory and much more are filling up computer repair shop shelves.

If you find yourself in need of some laptop repair, or want to learn more about it to perhaps start repairing laptops for a little extra money this website has the information you need. A lot of people think you cannot repair a laptop and the reality is many things are quite easy to fix you just need the proper Laptop Repair Course.

Build PC
Build a Computer From Scratch

Have you ever wanted to know how to build a computer all by yourself? We have a great course that helps you decide what types of parts you need, where to get them, and the whole entire process of building the machine. Learn how to build a computer today.

By choosing to build a PC rather than purchase a pre-built Dell, HP, or any other desktop you’ll find at Best Buy, you’ll get to pick out each and every part. This enables you to build a machine made for specific applications. Whether you’re designing a gaming rig, video editing PC, or just your standard every day machine, you get to choose which components to put the majority of your money in, how much to spend, and the exact performance you expect to get out of it.

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Be Wary of Fake Anti-Virus Scams

Unfortunately, each and every day good and honest people fall victim to "fake anti-virus" scams. What happens is your computer gets infected with a virus. Instead of throwing up tons of pop up videos, slowing down your computer like crazy, or wreaking other sorts of harmful havoc, it pretends to be anti-virus software... Read more

Satellite TV Service for Your New HDTV

When you bought your last TV you may have spent many hours reading reviews, stood in front of a wall of TVs at Best Buy, or just looked for the cheapest price. Why not take a similar approach to finding the best TV provider?

Cable is accessible in 93% of the country. However, you often only have one cable company to choose from in your area. Satellite TV is available nationwide, and is the go to choice for the 7% of households that the cable companies don't service. Satellite is also a popular choice for consumers nationwide, and is a good alternative to cable. Satellite TV, plus the fiber optic offerings from AT&T and Verizon give you the opportunity to compare 3-4 potential TV providers in your area. If you're thinking about switching providers, this page has a nice DISH vs DirecTV video.

DirecTV is great for those who really want the NFL Sunday Ticket. That's the biggest selling point for most DirecTV customers. Without Sunday Ticket, DirecTV is still a little more expensive than DISH Network. They also have less on-demand movie and TV options, and less DVR storage, which means you'll have to delete recordings more often.

DISH Network has the best whole-home DVR which is capable of recording 6 shows at one time, and can store up to 2,000 hours of programming. That's a ton! You definitely won't have to give up past recordings to make room for new ones very often. Some TV networks that people really like come in higher packages, but at the end of the day DISH still seems to be the cheapest on average of all TV providers.