Be Your Own IT started as a fun, pet project in 2008. The original founder, Jeremy Hambly, had experience as a PC tech and wanted to try his hand at building a website around a topic he was passionate about. He created tons of free content and videos, all of which helped people with the computer problems.

In April of 2010, Ty Price, a colleague of Jeremy’s, took over the daily management of Be Your Own IT. Ty assembled a team of awesome people and they created Be Your Own IT’s first in-house video courses.

The first edition of the Computer Repair Mastery Course was launched in March 2011. It was shortly followed up by the Laptop Repair Course in July of that same year. And then in May 2013 we introduced the How to Build a Computer Course.

Be Your Own IT exists to help you fix computer problems all by yourself, allowing you to save money on expensive PC repairs, and to possibly earn an extra income fixing computers for other people.

People often get confused by our name. If your company needs help with a computer problem, they call “IT”. Hence our name is Be Your Own “IT”.