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Watch Out For Fake Anti-Virus Scams
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Use the Windows utility MSCONFIG to fix computer lock up issues, boot up failures, long boot up times, and general computer unresponsiveness. [...]
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Installing Windows Under Multiple Scenarios
Installing Windows is pretty easy and straight forward, but there are different options you'll choose depending on the issues you're dealing with. [...]
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Performing a Factory Restore
Sometimes you just want to start fresh. In this post we show you how to perform a Factory Restore and get your PC back to where it was when you first got it. [...]
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The Importance of Backing Up Files
External hard drives are cheaper than ever and it's very simple to schedule data backups. You're silly if you're not backing your most important files. [...]
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Computer Hardware Benchmarking
Benchmarking is a way to figure out which hardware will perform the best under the same conditions. You should review benchmarks when buying new components. [...]
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Properly Cooling Your PC
If you're looking for a surefire way to destroy the parts in your computer, don't properly cool them. Today we discuss the importance of fans and cooling. [...]
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Replacing Power Supplies
If your computer's power supply is dead or you need to upgrade it because you're installing a new power hungry graphics card, today's post is for you. [...]
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Installing Optical Drives
Confidently install a new DVD, CD, or blu-ray drive into your computer. Follow these steps to do it all by yourself. [...]
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Installing Extra Memory (RAM)
Your computer's memory modules have a big impact on the responsiveness of your computer, especially when running multiple programs and video/photo programs. [...]
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