Benefits of Gaming for Learning (Infographic)

It’s time to think about education and the need to adapt learning methods to incorporate new technology. For example, gaming is an effective tool to enhance learning but is rarely used because of the misconception that playing games is purely for leisure and often a waste of time. However, computer gaming could benefit learning in several ways.

As a social tool, multi-player games and games that involve roleplaying promote important values such as cooperation, compromise and communication. Values such as tolerance and teamwork are also a vital part of achieving success in games. Visual processing skills, hand-eye coordination and even cognitive processing are set to improve with games that encourage learning through doing.

The real-life applications of educationally-inclined computer games are manifold: from educational facilities to language learning at all ages and even as a tool to reduce recovery times in hospitals and medical facilities, gaming certainly benefits learning. It can even help you learn how to fix computers through fun and interactive online computer repair courses. Check out the great infographic from Computer Planet below to find out more.