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Save Money on Costly Repairs and Even Start Your Own Business…

Hi, my name is Ty Price, and I’ve been building and fixing computers and teaching others how to do so for over 15 years. I’m excited to share with you today our Computer Repair Video Course. Thousands of our students have taken this knowledge to get jobs in the IT field, start their own repair businesses, help people in their community, and even just enjoy a fun new hobby.

Here is one such story…

“The videos in the Computer Repair Mastery Course are easy to follow, high quality, and very professional. This is the best course I have ever seen! I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to repair computers.

I have purchased other self-taught courses and the quality was nowhere near the as good as Computer Repair Mastery course and they were more expensive to boot!”

Bob C, New York, USA

Learning about computers and how to repair them is so important because…

Technology is improving faster than it ever has been before. Computers are doing the jobs people used to do years ago. There was a time where being proficient with the Microsoft Office Suite was a skill, now it’s a standard expectation. You can barely get a job interview without it.

The job market for computer related jobs is the fastest growing. Here are some stats from Money Magazine,, and US Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • The IT industry accounts for 25% of the new jobs created between 2010 and 2019
  • The majority of the fastest growing companies are in the IT industry
  • IT careers are expected to grow by 36% in the next 10 years


Many people know how to use a computer…
…but not many know how to fix one

Having knowledge in computers opens so many doors for you. And you can use this knowledge in so many different ways. The possibilities are almost endless.

You might be asking: Is computer repair right for me?
My answer is: Learning Computer Repair is right for you if you can identify with any of these situations…

  • I want to improve my computer repair skills
  • I want to start my own business
  • I want to change my career
  • I want to be able to repair my own computer
  • Computer repairs are so expensive and I’d save money if I did it myself
  • I would like to build my own computer from scratch
  • I would like to make a little extra money on the side
  • I would like to buy, fix, and sell computers
  • I think computer repair would be a fun, new hobby
  • I want to learn a new skill that helps me get a better job with better opportunities
  • I’m close to retirement and I’d like to supplement my income
  • I want to help people in my community with their computer problems
  • I want to learn computer repair so I can take other courses like Networking and Security
  • It’s been a while since I’ve worked with computers and I’d like a refresher course

“The videos are great in this course. So far with the information in the courses, support from you fellows, and support from the forum I have been able to upgrade my old computer and my regular one which is getting old also :)I had an old machine that would not boot, it wouldn’t even put anything on the screen. Followed instructions from the videos and found out the old machine had bad RAM. The videos showed me how to replace the bad RAM with old RAM that I had from another computer, and I got it working. With the help of this course I was also able to repair a machine by putting in a hard drive and upgrading the RAM, and was able to install and activate Windows with no problems.My name is getting around and I will soon be repairing computers and making some money. The course is great and in depth, I love it! Thanks guys from a very satisfied customer/student.”Ken B, Pennsylvania, USA

Before I show you everything that’s in the course, can I tell you a quick story?

The original founder of, Jeremy, started repairing computers as a hobby at age 15. After he graduated high school he got a job at a local computer repair shop and became a very good technician there.

The computer repair shop became very popular because of their friendly customer service and fast turn-around time, so the company grew and hired more technicians like Jeremy. However, they were pretty new to computer repair so someone needed to train them.

To be honest with you, training and re-training every new employee gets tedious and can be a little frustrating. Not because he didn’t like helping people – quite the opposite – he loved helping people – that’s why he launched this website way back in 2008. But it was difficult explaining things over and over again to the new people. There had to be a better way.

That’s when a light bulb went off and Jeremy had his first ah-ha! moment. He started creating videos to show the new technicians how to do computer repair. It allowed the new technicians to learn at their own pace. They could reference the videos any time they had a question. And it allowed Jeremy more time to interact with our customers, which he really liked.

Training employees through videos worked so well that the time they spent diagnosing and fixing problems for customers was cut in half!

It wasn’t long until he thought to himself, “Why just teach a few people at the local repair shop when I can teach the WHOLE WORLD with my videos?!”

And he did just that. With the help of myself (Ty) and my amazing team, we put together and incredibly easy-to-follow, hands-on video series teaching you how to fix computers. I’m confident you’ll be blown away by the depth of coverage, the HD quality, audio, and a Written Guide that easily stands on it’s own (it used to be a small bonus when you bought the course but now it’s been transformed into being a huge part of the course).

After Darren spent $1,400 for a computer repair college course that he wasn’t happy with, he purchased the Be Your Own IT Computer Repair Course and had this to say…

“I just want to say you have great videos at such an affordable cost. I’m so glad I purchased your course, I am learning things I had no idea about like hard drive cloning. It is just so much easier to have a person actually showing you what to do and how to learn, versus just reading about it like we did in my other course. I will definitely buy the laptop repair course after this. Thanks for a great product!”

Darren, Saskatchewan, Canada

In addition to the 8 hours of video training, we have some bonuses for you:

Bonus #1 – The Computer Repair Study Guide ($97 value)
The Study Guide follows the videos pretty closely with summaries, additional tutorials, quizzes, and study materials. It’s over 125 pages and is included in the course for free.

And 3 Fantastic Bonuses

Bonus #2 – Diagnostics Software Download ($49 value)
Use diagnostic programs to:

  • Identify and benchmark hardware on computers
  • Perform Burn-ins for new hardware
  • Securely Erase hard drives
  • Use cloning tools to backup entire drives and installations to new drives or image files
  • Partition drives with Parted Magic
  • Resize partitions
  • Run diagnostics and data recovery from the Parted Magic Live environment
  • Break Bios Passwords
  • Recover deleted files with Photorec
  • Scan for viruses


“I enjoy every parts of your courses and my plan is to master every parts of the courses you made and i have order the laptops course repair.I paid in the past $800.00 for a computer course by correspondence and there is nothing near the quality of your courses. And i could not fix anythings and that course was from ashwort college. A thousand thank you, for all the knowledge you are giving us.I did recommend to others and my father in-law purchase both courses.

What is next for me is to master all the content and something happen to any of my computers now i know i will be able to fix it. I have two computer they are apart and with this knowledge i will assemble every pieces and make it work.”

Francois L., Quebec, Canada


“It is an outstanding course; very insightful and easy to learn. I have used the things I have learned from this course on a customer’s computer. It’s a very nice course.”

Timothy E., New Mexico, United States


“I have gone through all the lessons. I find them easy to understand. The videos are great. I also like the manual. I may start my own business. I plan to use this course to fix my computer when needed. I would highly recommend this to family and friends. Thank you for offering this course. It is much cheaper than most courses and it is easy to understand. The videos help a lot, it’s better to be able to see how things are done.”

Lucy H-S., New York, United States


“What has impressed me a lot is the email help that I’ve gotten with the replacement of my CPU. Between the recommendations, video and course book I saw my way through the replacement.That’s pretty fantastic customer service if you ask me. It’s been awhile since I’ve experienced that kind of help via the computer and it not only makes a most favorable impression but leads me to think much more highly of the staff and program in general. In other words, if you are that attentive to customer needs then one is inclined to conclude your attention to the details of the course are going to be equally professional. Thank you. It’s refreshing!”

Lauran, Arizona, United States

P.S. Our 30-day Money Back Guarantee: If this course doesn’t meet your satisfaction, and we’re unable to help resolve your problem, we will refund 100% of your money. All you have to do is request a refund within 30 days of purchase. And of course, if we can help you without a full refund we’ll try. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. Please read our Refund Policy for more details.