How to Fix Video Card Issues

Hello, all and welcome back to our new series, “In the Eyes of a Computer Tech.” Today we’re going to be looking at how I would troubleshoot display settings if your screen looks messed up, games are not performing as well as they should be, all sorts of weird display issues, and things to do with the video card. I always go through this whole spiel about how you need to check the physical to start everything out but there really is no physical here. I guess make sure your monitor is plugged in and turned on and connected to the back of your computer with a good solid cable.

Other than that, the first thing I would check is I’d right click anywhere on the desktop and go to Properties and then Settings. Check my resolution here. As you can see, I’ve set, in my opinion, kind of low but I do that for the screencast because they don’t look the greatest any higher.

However, if something looks different or is changed, check here. Maybe the resolution got changed or maybe something happened there. Also take note of what it says you are running for your display adapter.

Here it says I have a Radeon 9600 and a ViewSonic VA702b so make sure those are right. If you have the wrong monitor installed, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that cause a problem but it could, I guess.

Under the Advanced tab here, you have a lot more information. So your adapter tells you about it. Again, if this is wrong, that’s probably your problem right there. And really, most of the display problems I’ve seen is that or it’s a driver issue.

The next thing I was going to say is if I’m having a problem, I always get the latest driver, download it and install it. You could get that from the manufacturer’s website nine times out of 10 unless it’s a really old card. Then you might have to use a driver guide or something like that to download it, but make sure you always have the latest drivers installed and working. If you have the latest drivers installed, that will fix a lot of issues too.

Now if that still doesn’t work, what you may try doing is right click on My Computer, go into Properties, Hardware, then Device Manager. Look into the Display Adapter and uninstall them with the Uninstall button or with your right click uninstalling both of them and restarting the computer and letting it reinstall.

Now, display adapters, I guess they could benefit from a reinstall. The first thing I would check is make sure you have the resolution set correctly. Make sure you have the correct driver and uninstall and reinstall it.

Now if you’re having other kinds of issues performance‑based, maybe it’s just your card. If you bought a new game and it’s not running it, check your settings like I showed here under Properties, then Settings, then Advanced.

If it tells you that you need a 256 MB video card and you have a 128 MB, and it’s not running right, there’s your problem. You need to upgrade. Be mindful of that kind of stuff, too. All this other stuff, troubleshooting, high resolution, blah blah blah, those things have never fixed a display issue for me, ever. It’s always been a driver issue. Nine times out of 10, it’s always a driver. Make sure you got that latest driver downloaded.

OK, ATI makes the Radeon, Just go to NVIDIA is the other big one. If you have an onboard, it’s probably an Intel video card. If you don’t know what your video card is, hit my message board or check out our website located at We’re doing free tech support 24/7 with articles, blogs, forums, videos, and everything.

If you have some trouble finding your video card, hit our message boards and we’ll find it for you. We’ll give you a link to download your driver and help you through it. These are the first steps I would take in troubleshooting a video card issue. If I missed anything, please respond and let us know what you see.

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