Learn How to Replace Laptop Hardware

Laptop Owners: Your Laptop Still Has Life In It. Don’t Spend Tons of Money Buying a New One or Taking It In for Repairs. Easily Fix It Yourself…

Don’t throw away your old laptop or let it collect dust just because it is “broken.”

If it won’t turn on, only runs on outlet power, randomly crashes and shuts down, gets blue screen errors, its too noisy, can’t connect to wireless internet… no matter what the problem, you can fix it, and we’ll show you how.

A lot of symptoms are caused by the same problems. For instance, a bad hard drive could be the reason why your laptop is completely dead and won’t start up. It could be why it randomly crashes and you get blue screen errors. It might be why your laptop is super loud. It might be why you’re losing data. So learning how to repair and/or replace components in your laptop can fix the majority of problems.

Learn to fix laptops

Laptop Repair Course: With Over 11 Hours of Video in 48 Videos You’ll Finally Be Able To:
  • Do a complete teardown on your laptop. Take the case apart and get to any component you need to.
  • Replace your power jack. One of the reasons your laptop has trouble running on outlet power and/or charging the battery.
  • Remove and replace your motherboard. A lot easier to do on a desktop, but daunting with a laptop because there are so many small parts and screws. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through how to do it.
  • Clean and still use your computer after you’ve spilled water, coffee, or soda on it. Knowing how to do this is well worth the cost of a new laptop!
  • Take off a broken LCD or LED screen and replace it with a new one. You don’t have to deal with that large crack in the screen anymore. You also don’t have to throw a bunch of hard-earned money at a completely new laptop. Just fix what’s broken.
  • Replace a bad hard drive. Also learn how to restore your Operating System on the new drive.
  • Fix your wireless card or even upgrade to a newer one with faster connection speeds.
  • Add more RAM to your laptop. Many economy laptops come with small amounts of RAM. Upgrade to more and see an immediate increase in speed and responsiveness.
  • Replace your screen’s inverter. It’s another reason why your laptop starts up but you can’t seen the screen.
  • Put a new DVD or Blu-ray burner in your laptop, or replace an old broken drive.
  • Are you missing keys or is the keyboard unresponsive? Learn how to replace it with a brand new keyboard. A very cheap fix.
  • Replace your BIOS battery. A big reason why your laptop may not be retaining its settings.
  • Upgrade your laptop with a faster CPU.
  • Oh yeah, learn how to do this on PC and Mac!